Bake Cake

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Sweets lovers should check out Bake Cake. A bright game with many cakes and pastries is unlikely to leave you indifferent. Will it be possible to serve all the customers and earn a lot of tips? Let’s check it out in Bake Cake!

Bake Cake Features

You will need to prepare cakes and various sweets to order in the game. The more customers you serve, the easier it will be to prepare sweets. Over time, you can create unique recipes that will make the pastry shop incredibly popular.

The game is straightforward to manage. You need to choose a subject, then use the cursor to drag it to the desired location. Bright design and dynamic music create a great atmosphere. Don’t miss a single client, and then you will earn a lot of tips. You can spend money on equipment, bakery decorations, and new ingredients. Don’t be afraid to hire helpers. They will help in the creation of sweets.

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