Happy Kids Burger Maker

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In Happy Kids Burger Maker, you will become a chef’s assistant. It will be necessary to cook the most delicious burgers in the city. Happy Kids Burger Maker is very popular, so it is vital to work on speed. Don’t miss a single client! It will help collect as many tips as possible and improve the cafe.

How to play Happy Kids Burger Maker

It would help if you controlled characters and objects using the cursor. A guest will come to the counter of orders. You can immediately see his wishes, which facilitates the cooking process. You need to choose a subject, poison him on the stove, put together a burger and give it to the client.

When you have enough experience, you can cook several burgers at once. It will significantly speed up the process and allow you to get more tips. You can buy new ingredients for dishes and drinks or improve the burger with your money. You can also hire an assistant to serve as many guests as possible.

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