Hello Kitty And Friends Restaurant

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Hello Kitty and Friends Restaurant is a food-themed game. You are greeted by a pleasant design in pink colors and the story’s main characters. You need to help Hello Kitty and Friends in customer service. Nothing complicated: take orders and cook food. The more guests are satisfied, the higher the restaurant’s rating will be.

What you need to play Hello Kitty and Friends Restaurant

All you need to play Hello Kitty and Friends is a mouse. To plunge into the history of a virtual restaurant, start the game and take the first order. At first, everything seems simple and monotonous. But be prepared for the fact that customers will be in a hurry and not everyone knows what they want to order. Remember that some dishes require unique ingredients.

Don’t be afraid of difficulties. The more complex the order, the more tips you can get. Thanks to restaurant improvements and new products, the restaurant will become the best in the city.

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