Nick Cooking Contest

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Have you always dreamed of taking part in a cooking competition? Then the game Nick Cooking Contest is precisely for you! You will have to create culinary masterpieces and get points for them. The catch is that the harshest critics will judge you. And you will need to cook dishes of Japanese cuisine.

What awaits in Nick Cooking Contest

In Nick Cooking Contest you will meet a vast number of characters. Most of them are already familiar to you from various cartoons. Your task is accepting order, cook delicious meals, give it away, get mark.

Do not think that everything is so simple. Judges are demanding and do not like to wait. It would help if you created a dish strictly according to the recipe. But don’t be afraid; there will be hints on the screen. You need to look at the products, cut or cook and serve. It is better not to deviate from the recipe. You risk getting low marks if a dish doesn’t match the order.

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