Papa’s Bakeria

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Baking is the most delicious thing in this world. A sweet donut with icing or a cheese stick with bacon is a great snack. Papa Louie works tirelessly in his bakery. And it’s time to help him. Papa’s Bakeria is a cooking game. You will become the head baker in a famous bakery. You will have to carefully take the order from the client, fulfill it and give it back. The more buns are ready, the more satisfied customers are. Therefore, it is worth trying.

What are the features of the game Papa’s Bakeria?

Playing Papa’s Bakeria is very easy and fun. To control, you need a cursor. You need to choose a subject, drag it to the right place and specify the desired action. Just two actions will help you create culinary masterpieces and delight your guests. At Papa’s Bakeria, you need to be as careful as possible. If you do not cook what the character ordered, the bun will have to be thrown away. It is a plus in costs and a damaged reputation. In addition, they often come across harmful customers who do not know what they want and are constantly in a hurry.

Bright graphics and a simple plot of Papa’s Bakeria will take you to the virtual world. At first, everything seemed calm and measured. But as soon as many customers know about the bakery, you will need to work hard.

Some tips for playing Papa’s Bakeria

For the money you receive, you can hire employees to help you. Purchasing new products, improving recipes and technologies, and refurbishing are necessary to make Papa’s Bakeria the most famous in the city.

Don’t be afraid to expand your bakery, and add new dishes or flavors. This will attract the attention of guests, who will happily try delicious pastries. Delight visitors with delicious drinks and additions. This will help increase the income and reputation of the restaurant.

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