Papas Burgeria

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Papas Burgeria is a fun cooking game. You will need to prepare the most delicious burgers and serve them to your customers. What’s wrong with that, you ask? Every day guests become more demanding, and new recipes and ingredients appear. We need to make every effort not to worsen the rating of Papas Burgeria.

How to play Papas Burgeria

First, you need to get trained. You will get to know the main parts of Papas Burgeria. It is taking orders, grill and score. In the first part, you will take orders; in the second, you will cook. All sauces, meats, vegetables, and buns are stored in the shop. You need to click on the desired item, move it to the grill and bring it to readiness.

Be careful. If you cook the wrong thing, the customer will leave. Accordingly, you will not earn money. At Papas Burgeria, speed, attentiveness, and, of course, delicious burgers are essential.

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