Papa’s Cheeseria

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Cooking games are trendy. And Papa’s Cheeseria is no exception. You will have to continue the work of Papa Louie. He created incredible cheese sandwiches, the fame of which was throughout the country. Will you be able to maintain the reputation of Papa’s Cheeseria? Will it be possible to create a unique sandwich that everyone will come for? Let’s check this out.

Features of Papa’s Cheeseria

You can move objects using the mouse cursor. You must carefully study the client’s wishes, prepare a sandwich and serve it. But you need to keep in mind a few things. Firs, bread needs to be fried for a certain amount of time, and products must be placed in a specific order. Second, the sauce is not always required. And sometimes tastes better without meat. Clients will tell you what they want. It’s essential to do it that way. At the same time, speed plays a huge role. The person will simply leave if you do not have time to accept or complete the order. This behavior of customers negatively affects your reputation.

Assistants in Papa’s Cheeseria

If you find yourself unable to cope, hire employees. Thus, avoiding a long queue and preparing sandwiches much faster will be possible. The number of assistants is not limited. But you will need to monitor their productivity. If the budget allows, hire another employee. This will definitely speed up the service. Buy new products, experiment with tastes, and improve the cafe. And then Papa’s Cheeseria will become the most popular place. Papa Louie will be proud of you.

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