Papa’s Freezeria

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Do you like flash games? Then Papa’s Freezeria To Go is definitely for you! You will become the owner of an ice cream shop that needs to serve as many customers as possible. But don’t think that everything is so simple. With each level, to-go orders will be more complex, and customers will be more impatient.

Features of the game Papa’s Freezeria

Papa’s Freezeria is a bright and dynamic game. Many visitors who want to try delicious ice cream are waiting for you. You must carefully and quickly complete the tasks to receive money. You can spend the earned coins on menu extension, cafe improvement or purchase of new items.

Or you can hire assistants who will improve all processes. But don’t forget that everyone needs rest. Therefore, it is worth making an effort to hire as many employees as possible.
The better the service in the cafe, the more visitors will come to you. Pay attention to what the buyer wants. If you do not offer what is necessary, the establishment’s rating may drop very low. Also, don’t forget about speed. Nobody likes to wait, and the visitors to your cafe are even more so. If the visitor is not given his order, he will leave. You will lose money and rating. It’s better not to let that happen.

How to play Papa’s Freezeria

Managing characters in Papa’s Freezeria are elementary. You only need to click the mouse to select an object and move it to the right place. Just like an item, specify a new location and action. Don’t miss the moment when the ice cream is ready. Otherwise, you will not be able to give it to the client.

All visitors have a cloud that shows the order. Collect the required dish and place it on the tray. The waiting time is also immediately visible. If you see the ice cream maker is not doing well, help him. Or send it to rest, and take a new one instead. There is a unique store for shopping. In it, you will find new varieties of ice cream, furniture, and equipment for cafés. You can find authentic ingredients and recipes to attract true gourmets. Decorating the cafe will increase the establishment’s rating and get more tips.

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