Papa’s Kitchen

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If you like to cook, you will definitely like Papa’s Kitchen. In the game, you can create unique culinary recipes, develop your own business and become the owner of a famous restaurant. Listen carefully to guests, give orders on time, and get good tips. But don’t be too slow. Guests are not ready to wait for a long time and can leave you. At first glance, Papa’s Kitchen is the most straightforward game without too many difficulties. But the higher the level, the more exciting the process becomes.

Features and Benefits of Papa’s Kitchen

In Papa’s Kitchen, you will become the head chef in the kitchen. The level of success of the institution depends on your talents. The basic rules of the game are speed and attentiveness. Customers will give good tips if the order is executed correctly and quickly. Money can be exchanged for new recipes, ingredients, and kitchen upgrades. Feel free to hire assistants. The staff can prepare more orders for your guests.

Papa’s Kitchen has a large number of characters and items. You only need a mouse to control it. Select the desired item and move to a new location. You can prepare meals, improve the restaurant, and contact guests. Don’t forget to control the time. This is necessary in order not to miss an important client and prepare the order correctly.

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