Papa’s Scooperia

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If you find yourself alone in a big city with no money, you need to look for a job urgently. And what could be better than a candy store? Papa Louie kindly invites you to become a seller of sweets, cakes, ice creams, and other goodies. Easy job, you think? On the one hand, yes. You only need to accept an order, fulfill it, and give to the client. But if only it were that simple. Visitors are constantly in a hurry, don’t know what they want, and leave the queue. You need to make every effort to earn a good amount of Papa’s Scooperia. Be careful and do everything quickly. Then you will succeed and earn a lot of money.

Features of Papa’s Scooperia

To play Papa’s Scooperia, you only need a mouse. You can select an item by clicking on it. But do not forget to keep track of the time; otherwise, cook not what you require at all. Try to serve all customers. At the same time, make sure that the sweets are correctly prepared. This will help you get more money. Plus, Papa Louie will appreciate your work. By serving enough people, you can create unique recipes. Of course, for this, you require particular components. To do this, there is a store that has sauces, toppings, different types of chocolate, lollipops, ice cream.

How to improve Papa’s Scooperia

The store will also find interior items that will attract new customers. You can buy edible decorations, tableware, and equipment. Papa Louie will notice the improvement and give you a raise. You can also take an assistant. Together, the work will go much faster.

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