Papa’s Mocharia To Go

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Invigorating coffee or fragrant tea? Fans of these drinks are constantly arguing: which is better? The cozy Papa’s Mocharia to go to has coffee drinks and exotic teas for every taste. The game allows you to become a barista and learn about all the intricacies of working in a coffee shop. You will like the original solution and bright graphics.

What can you do in the game?

At Papa’s Mocharia to go to, your goal is to serve as many customers as possible. It is essential to fulfill the order and not leave the client dissatisfied. You can create unique recipes and come up with new technologies. All this will attract other characters and make the cafe famous. After earning enough money, you can buy new ingredients for drinks, expand the cafe. And you can create a stylish interior.

Thus, you will attract many visitors to Papa’s Mocharia to go to. Perhaps among them will be a well-known critic. His review will help to get a complete assessment of the cafe. Bright posters and comfortable tables will help improve the cafe’s reputation. Don’t forget about it.

Management in Papa’s Mocharia To Go

All actions must be performed with the mouse. It is enough to move the cursor over the item, select it and complete the activity. Everything is as straightforward as possible. The characters talk about what kind of drink they want. You must choose the ingredients, cook them, decorate the cup and serve. But it’s worth hurrying up. Guests are not always ready to wait long for the barista to sort out the coffee machine.

The more customers you serve, the more revenue you will earn. It allows you to create new recipes and make drinks faster. It is worth hiring an assistant if it becomes difficult to do the work yourself. But don’t forget that workers can get tired and make mistakes too. Do not leave the cafe for a long time unattended.

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